What to Buy as Gifts at Con Market Da Nang?

Mua gì làm quà ở chợ Cồn Đà Nẵng?

Da Nang Con Market – where the splendor blends with the uniqueness of an ancient town, has long become an indispensable destination for visitors from all over the world. Not only famous for its ancient architecture, the space filled with traditional colors, Da Nang Con Market is also a shopping paradise for those who love culture and uniqueness.

In this article, we will explore the essence of Da Nang Con Market through the question: “What to buy as a gift at Da Nang Con Market?” – a question that is not only simple about shopping, but also about listening to the story of time and the beauty of traditional culture in this land.

What does Da Nang Con Market have?

Da Nang Con Market is one of the attractive sightseeing and shopping spots in Da Nang city, Vietnam. The market is famous for its unique blend of traditional and modern culture, creating a unique and attractive space for tourists. Here are some special points and items that you can find at Da Nang Con Market:

  • Specialties and food: Con Market has a variety of unique items such as fish sauce, bun mam, mi Quang and typical spices. These are great gifts for you to bring back as gifts for your relatives and friends.
  • Souvenirs and gifts: This place has a variety of shops and stalls selling souvenirs such as t-shirts, hats, caps and jewelry with Da Nang or Con Market printed on them.
  • Jewelry: Con Market is also famous for its shops selling natural jewelry and gemstones, from quartz to pearls, making the search for a unique gift more interesting.
  • Fashion and accessories: If you are interested in fashion, the market also offers many choices of clothing, bags, shoes and fashion accessories.
  • Tea, coffee and fragrances: You can also shop for tea, coffee and fragrances at Con Market, creating a highlight for your meal and enjoying a unique flavor.

Da Nang Con Market is not only a place to shop but also carries a part of the unique culture and history of Da Nang city.

đặc sản chợ cồn

What to buy as a gift at Con Market?

Stepping into Da Nang Con Market, you will start a journey to discover the extremely unique and symbolic gifts of this region. This is where you can find meaningful gifts for your relatives, friends or lovers, carrying the distinctive flavor of the Central region.


Coming to Da Nang, you cannot miss dried seafood – a gift that represents the uniqueness of this coastal city. Seafood is carefully marinated, showing the skillfulness of the Central fishermen, and when you enjoy it, you will feel the rich and sweet taste from the sea.

Da Nang beef paste

A truly unique and delicious gift is Da Nang beef paste. With a natural pink color and a characteristic aroma, Da Nang beef paste is a unique dish that not only expresses the culture but also conveys the feelings of the giver.

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Types of fish sauce

Guests cannot miss the opportunity to try the unique types of fish sauce at Con Market. Fish sauce can be considered as the essence of Central cuisine, with each type having its own flavor and aroma, winning the hearts of those who love the original taste.


In addition, you can also choose to buy green chili, Ly Son garlic, delicious malt or Cham herbal oil. Although not the main specialty of Da Nang, these gifts still carry the unique flavor of the Central land and will definitely be an interesting gift when you return.

Should I go to Con Market or Han Market to buy gifts when coming to Da Nang?

Both Con Market and Han Market are points of interest when you want to buy gifts in Da Nang. However, each market has its own characteristics and items, you can consider based on your preferences and purposes:

Con Market

Features: Con Market has a long history, carrying the ancient space and traditional culture. This is where the harmony between modern and traditional culture is clearly shown.

Items: Con Market is famous for its handicrafts, gemstones, jewelry, pottery, Central specialties and souvenirs. This is where you can find gifts that are rich in culture and history of Da Nang.

Han Market

Features: Han Market is located right on the bank of the Han River, creating a relaxing and airy space. This market usually focuses on shopping and culinary activities.

Items: Han Market is famous for clothes, bags, fashion accessories, leather goods, fresh food and specialties. You can find many modern and interesting items here. It is also very famous for dried seafood such as sun-dried squid, dried fish, various types of fish sauce…

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Which market to choose depends on your preference

If you want to buy gifts that are symbolic, carrying the beauty of traditional and local culture, Con Market is a good choice.

If you are interested in fashion, more modern products and feel the relaxing space of the Han River, then Han Market may be a suitable choice.

Whether you choose Con Market or Han Market, both places offer a unique and interesting shopping experience in Da Nang.

Conclusion: What to Buy as A Gift at Da Nang Con Market?

When you freely step into the diverse stalls at Con Market or feel the excitement at Han Market, you will clearly feel the diversity of Da Nang – a city that blends the beauty of traditional culture and the excitement of modernity.

From the meticulous handicrafts, the precious stones that reflect the pride of the country, to the trendy and colorful bags, the shopping space in Da Nang is not only buying and selling, but also exploring the culture, materials and dreams embedded in each product.

Whether you choose Con Market or Han Market, enjoy every moment here, so that the gift you bring back is not only the item in your hand, but also the stories about the beautiful coastal city and the people here. It is not only giving gifts, but also conveying love, care and respect for your loved ones, as well as expressing your expectations for future journeys.


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