Top 7 Famous and Delicious Rice Paper Sandwich Shops in Da Nang

quán bánh tráng kẹp ngon tại Đà Nẵng

When mentioning Da Nang, we often think of the long beaches, the roads that start from the Hai Van mountain and take us into the heart of the city that is developing at a dizzying speed. However, Da Nang is also known as the culinary paradise of the Central region, where the essence of many different culinary cultures is preserved.

This article will suggest you 7 addresses of delicious and crowded rice paper sandwich shops in Da Nang. Let’s start this wonderful culinary journey and discover the typical delicious taste of “Da Nang rice paper sandwich” through each line of text, image, and story in the article below!

Banh Trang Kep Di Hoa

Do you know why people always come to Di Hoa’s shop, even though it is hidden behind narrow alleys? The answer is because of the rice paper sandwich here, which is truly “the top of the top”.

I always remember the taste of the rice paper sandwich here. When the rice paper was just baked, it was still hot and crispy to the point of indescribable. I have tried many different types of rice paper sandwich in Da Nang, but the cake at Di Hoa is really excellent.

Bánh Tráng Kẹp Dì Hoa

The characteristics of Aunt Hoa’s shop

I always remember the taste of the rice paper sandwich here. When the rice paper was just baked, it was still hot and crispy to the point of indescribable. I have tried many different types of rice paper sandwich in Da Nang, but the cake at Aunt Hoa is really excellent.

Especially, the dipping sauce is prepared according to the family recipe, creating a unique and complex flavor. When you dip the cake into the dipping sauce and put it in your mouth, the salty, sweet, spicy, and attractive flavors together create an unforgettable culinary experience.


  • Address: Alley 62/2A Nui Thanh Street, Hai Chau, Da Nang
  • Opening hours: 14:30 – 21:30
  • Price: from 5,000 – 12,000 VND

Banh Trang Kep Di Lien

Banh Trang Kep Di Lien in Da Nang really surprised me by the diversity in the menu and the extremely attractive prices. Here, you will not only find the famous types of rice paper sandwich, but also experience countless delicious and strange snacks from everywhere.

The space of the shop is very comfortable, spacious and airy, creating ideal conditions for you and your “accomplices” to gather after stressful study or work sessions. Every time I visit Di Lien, I always immerse myself in the warm and delicious atmosphere.

Bánh Tráng Kẹp Dì Liên

The characteristics of Aunt Lien’s shop

Aunt Lien is famous for her extremely reasonable prices. You can enjoy delicious and diverse dishes without worrying about your finances. This makes the shop a favorite choice of many people, especially students.

In addition, the staff at Aunt Lien always serve quickly and friendly, making you feel like visiting relatives in the family. This enthusiasm and friendliness adds to the comfort and satisfaction of the guests.


  • Address: 33 Tran Tong, Hai Chau, Da Nang.
  • Price: 5,000 VND – 10,000 VND

Banh Trang Kep Di Ri

Located in an ideal location, near the city center, Aunt Ri’s shop not only attracts customers by its convenient location but also by its rich menu and attractive flavor. Having visited this shop, I can’t help but share my impressive experience here.

Everyone who comes to Aunt Ri’s shop will be drawn into the world of unique and diverse rice paper sandwiches. The rice paper here is very crispy and fresh. The snacks such as cabbage rolls, jackfruit salad, snails… are all delicately prepared and create a unique and delicious flavor combination. Each dish has its own distinctive taste, giving guests a unique and interesting culinary experience.

Quán bánh kẹp dì Ri

The characteristics of Aunt Ri’s shop

The rice paper sandwich here is really a special point that cannot be missed according to the praise from the guests. Perhaps the secret lies in the dipping sauce – it could be dried beef or chili sauce – which is prepared according to a special formula, creating a unique flavor that cannot be mistaken. Whether you dip the rice paper with or without filling, you will not be able to resist the deliciousness of this dish. If you have a chance to visit Da Nang, do not hesitate to try it yourself and experience these wonderful things!

The rice paper sandwich at Aunt Ri is always crispy and fresh. The sophisticated cooking method combined with the unique spices creates attractive and rich dishes in flavor. Each dish has its own distinctive taste, giving you the opportunity to experience new things.


  • Address: 16 Trung Nu Vuong, Hai Chau
  • Opening hours: 15h – 22h30
  • Price: from 20,000 – 100,000 VND

Hai Linh Shop

This rice paper sandwich shop in Da Nang is really a “fairyland” for young people. Located on the side of Nguyen Van Sieu street, near the Dragon Bridge, the shop has a unique but also challenging feature for those who have never stepped in.

quán bánh kẹp hải linh

The characteristics of Hai Linh shop

According to the comments of many guests, this shop is really impressive with its neatness and cleanliness. Although there are quite a lot of people coming to eat, it does not create a feeling of crowded or uncomfortable.

The rice paper sandwich here, especially the pate and grilled egg sandwich, are made super fast without reducing the quality. The rice paper is filled with filling and really delicious. But the most interesting thing is the special dipping sauce, which makes each piece of rice paper perfect.

Although the price is a bit higher than some other shops, it still attracts a lot of customers. This proves that the quality and experience here are really worth the price.


  • Address: 108 Nguyen Van Sieu, Son Tra
  • Opening hours: 14h – 22h30
  • Price: from 10,000 – 20,000 VND

Aunt Suong’s shop

When it comes to the seniority in the rice paper sandwich industry in Da Nang, it is impossible not to mention Aunt Duong’s shop. From this long experience, the shop has filtered out the delicious dishes that cannot be refused.

The pate sandwich here is really delicious, rich and fatty. The quality of the cake is unique with the characteristic elasticity that makes each piece of cake a memorable experience. The egg sandwich is filled with onion and egg, creating a unique and crispy flavor that cannot be resisted.

Quán bánh kẹp dì Sương

The characteristics of Aunt Suong’s shop

Aunt Suong’s shop has a unique feature – in addition to the rice paper sandwiches, they also serve a variety of other attractive snacks. This gives the guests diversity and choice.

However, the most interesting characteristic of Aunt Suong’s shop is the experience of enjoying it right at the shop. When you come to the shop and enjoy it on the spot, you will enjoy the rice paper that is still hot, much fresher than when packed and taken away. This makes the culinary experience more special and memorable.


  • Address: 130/62 Dien Bien Phu, Chinh Gian, Thanh
  • Opening hours: 15h – 23h
  • Price: from 4,000 – 30,000 VND

Nho Rice Paper Sandwiches Shop

Almost anyone who steps into the Nho Shop for the first time is surprised by the extremely generous amount of filling in the rice paper sandwiches here. The cake never gets dry, and when dipped in soy sauce, the flavor is really amazing and delicious beyond imagination. That is truly an unforgettable taste experience!

quán bánh kẹp bé nhỏ

The characteristics of Nho Shop

The notable feature of the Nho Shop is the diversity and uniqueness in the menu. Not only do they have unique rice paper sandwiches, but they also have a range of other snacks such as mango salad, fried fermented pork, chicken legs, and snails – all of which are very interesting and delicious.

If you are a snack team, then the Nho Shop is the ideal destination. Every piece of food here evokes a delicious feeling. Especially, the shop also provides delivery service, so you can enjoy the dishes at the shop without having to leave your home. That is truly a diverse and convenient culinary experience that cannot be missed.


  • Address: 43 Nguyen Tuong, Hoa Minh, Lien Chieu
  • Opening hours: 14h – 22h
  • Price: from 12,000 – 20,000 VND

Aunt Nuong’s Rice Paper Sandwich Shop in Cam Le District

Aunt Nuong’s Rice Paper Sandwich Shop is a hot destination no matter what time. Always crowded and lively, this shop is famous for its different types of rice paper sandwiches.

Here, you can find from delicious sunny-side-up egg rice paper to pate rice paper combined with perfectly cooked eggs. The special thing is that the menu also includes guava with salted plums, dried beef, and mango with fish sauce – all of which create a diverse and attractive culinary experience.

Quán bánh tráng kẹp cô Nương quận Cẩm Lệ

The characteristics of Aunt Nuong’s shop

The highlight of Aunt Nuong’s shop is the richness and diversity in the menu. The shop is not only famous for its delicious rice paper sandwiches, but also has many other dishes that are equally attractive.

Here, you can enjoy the delicious sunny-side-up egg rice paper, the pate rice paper blended with perfectly cooked eggs. In addition, a variety of extras such as guava with salted plums, dried beef, and mango with fish sauce also make the menu more diverse than ever.

The uniqueness and diversity of Aunt Nuong’s shop is what makes many people not want to miss the opportunity to enjoy the delicious dishes here.


  • Address: 66/1, Ong Ich Duong, Hoa Tho Dong, Cam Le
  • Opening hours: 14h – 21h30
  • Price: from 10,000 – 25,000 VND

Finally, with the top 7 delicious rice paper sandwich shops in Da Nang, we have explored a diverse and rich culinary journey. From traditional locations to new places, Da Nang is truly a paradise for those who love street food and rice paper sandwiches.

Remember the tips on finding rice paper sandwich shops, try to enjoy the delicious dishes in Da Nang and share with your friends and relatives. Not only is it a culinary experience, but also a great way to understand and appreciate the unique culinary culture of this city.


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